OUR Services

We offer all the following services in both the commercial and residential sectors, including retail, offices, and building rehabilitation projects.


Every successful project requires due diligence and proper evaluation.  We help our clients to examine the overall viability of a construction project and assist in making the process more efficient.  Through services such as site analysis, budgeting, scheduling, logistics and material procurement, our team ensures that every project starts the right way.


Our team consists of construction engineers with experience in all sectors of construction.  Depending on the type and scale of project, consulting services are often vital in order to ensure that the project remains on track, as per the schedule and the budget.  We are here to evaluate your needs and provide expert advice and opinion on what needs to be done.


Construction is our passion.  Ensuring our clients’ vision is our top priority.  Every project is unique and requires the adequate means and methods of construction during execution.   With experience in all construction sectors and collaborations with global and local design firms, we are ready to make your project come to life.  We serve our clients from beginning to end, ensuring a pleasant experience along every step of the way. 


With experience in fast track renovations, as well as occupied phased renovations, our team is able to convert an existing space to what is necessary to accommodate your needs.  We perform renovations in sectors such as retail, office spaces, and other commercial interiors.

Design Build & Assist

Superior can help facilitate the design of your project and work hand in hand with your vendors to assist in the process of implementing all the necessary project attributes.  We can help refine the scope of work based on your needs, and help provide the outcome that is just right for you.

Building Rehabilitation

Every asset is valuable and therefore we offer rehabilitation services for commercial buildings and structures.  These services include façade remediation projects, structural remediation, emergency repair operations and building service upgrades.


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